1. Overview of God's story

In this first introductory session, we'll watch an animated video that tells the WHOLE of the biblical story. Watch the video and then reflect on the question below.

Could you see how the story could be divided into the six acts we looked at in Session 1 of the 'Don't Make History, Change The Future' series? Here's the reminder again...

Act 1:

God creates the Heavens and the earth, all of creation, including humanity – and it’s very good, full of peace and harmony.

Act 2:

Sadly, that peace is broken when humanity turns their back on God and decides to go their own way. But God never gives up...

Act 3:

God chooses a people to join Him in His rescue plan to restore creation. But those people struggle to live for God and find it much easier to live for themselves - just like everyone else.

Act 4:

God himself breaks in to human history to rescue us. Jesus Christ shows us what God is like, he dies for our sins, rises again and offers forgiveness for our past and a hope- filled future with God forever.

Act 5:

Jesus hands this ‘good news’ baton on to the church. The people of God on a mission from God, joining Jesus in His creation restoring mission.

And the final act:

A day is coming when God will rid the world of all suffering, sickness, sin and death - New creation, with God, and for all those who follow Him.

What was 'news' to you when you watched that video? Did anything surprise you about the biblical story? Why?

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