Someone once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Today, there are over two billion Christians in the world. But it all started with Jesus doing life with a handful of people. It’s amazing what can happen over the decades and centuries when you start small. How do you change the world? One life at a time!

But we’re not supposed to do this by ourselves. When we become Christians, we’re born in a family – the family of God.

God is our Father. The perfect Father. Patient, kind, gentle, gracious, loving, compassionate, forgiving – the list of His goodness is endless.

Jesus is our elder Brother showing us how to live the life we were born to live.

The Holy Spirit is our constant companion, helper and comforter – at work in us every day to help us become more like Christ.

But not only is God our Father, Jesus our perfect elder Brother and the Holy Spirit our comfort, counsellor and guide – we are brothers and sisters in Christ. A new spiritual family who are supposed to behave together in such a markedly different way that the world looks up and sees the difference God has made.

We need God – and we need each other.

Live Life 1-2-3 is a way of thinking about the key relationships you need to grow your faith and help you grow the faith of others. It’s a way of thinking about ‘being the family of God’, where you are committed to find...

ONE person you’re learning from. Someone who can help and challenge you to become everything that God created you to be. You could call them your spiritual ‘parent’ – someone who is helping you grow as a child of God.

TWO people who you share your life with more regularly. ‘Running mates’ or ‘soul friends’ – brothers or sisters in Christ – who will advise you, pray for you and keep you accountable.

THREE people that you are discipling – equipping them to live like Jesus in the world. Inspiring each of them to share their faith with others. Disciples making disciples – like you’re becoming their spiritual parent, guiding them as a child of God and hoping that they too help others.

Ultimately, the numbers don't matter that much - the most important thing is to think about...

  • Who are you LEARN from?
  • Who are you doing LIFE with?
  • Who are you LEADing?

Could you imagine what might happen in decades to come if thousands of followers of Jesus commit to Live Life 1-2-3?

When it comes to all the content on this website, you can work through it by yourself BUT even better if you find people to do this with - either your 1, 2s or 3s.

Go for it!!!