Who will you do LIFE with?

Live Life 1-2-3 is a way of thinking about the key relationships you need to grow your faith and help you grow the faith of others. It’s a way of thinking about ‘being the family of God’.

The '2' represents your commitment to try to find TWO people who you share your LIFE with more regularly. These are close friends - or 'running mates' - who you share your life with; being open about your real struggles; your inner and secret life. These are mutually-accountable, challenging, real relationships. People who know you well, see you regularly, and know they have permission to challenge and encourage you. They help keep accountable for putting in to practice what your mentor is speaking to you about.

How do I find running mates?

Great question! Ideally these would be close friends that you've learnt to really trust who you know won't gossip your secrets on Facebook. Sometimes it takes time to build that kind of trust but it's absolutely worth it. If no-one immediately comes to mind then pray that God will help you find someone.

What should we do when we meet up?

Catch up on how you've been doing across all areas of your life e.g. family, work, health, money, struggles? Take some time to encourage, challenge and pray for each other. Maybe someone will have a scripture or a thought to share too. Make sure that your regular times with your running mates aren't just cosy chats. These times are there to sharpen and inspire you so try and keep focused on this.

As a minimum, here are two great questions to chat about every time:

  1. What is Jesus saying to you right now?
  2. What are you doing about it?

Can I have more than two running mates?

Of course. But you don't want too many. A small group of 3-4 people is ideal otherwise there might not be enough time for everyone to share. Small is beautiful!!!!